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Make migraines a thing of the past

Our patented formula ensures results. Bringing you rapid relief, or your money back.

Migraine Escape®

Migraine is the third most common disease worldwide, with its prevalence estimated at 14.7% globally.

Regardless of the frequency of your migraine attacks, 4-6 weeks of Migraine Escape® use promises significantly fewer migraines.*

How does a simple swipe of Migraine Escape® on the forehead bring pain relief to migraine sufferers?

During the product development stage for Migraine Escape®, much of our research highlighted an important link between topically applied ginger and effective pain relief. Numerous studies and clinical trials have observed that the biologically active constituents within the ginger root have a powerful effect on minimising pain.

However, these studies observed that this effect was reduced when the ginger was digested, indicating that topical applications are superior in reducing the inflammatory pain response.

Our extensive research and patented extraction process makes Migraine Escape® unlike any other product available.

Migraine Escape®

migraine escape feature image

A natural and effective migraine relief solution, without the usual side effects!

Most prescribed migraine medications come with unwanted side effects ranging from nausea to dizziness, and can include fatigue, depression or carry a risk of addiction.

Our ginger extract is naturally sourced, making it a safer choice without the risk of drug contraindications or long term health risks.

Our patented subcritical fluid extraction process delivers pure, high potency ginger extract straight to the source of your pain.


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So, how does ginger relieve migraines?

From a biochemical perspective, the ginger root is a chemical compound that is pungent and powerful, with more than 400 isolated chemicals known to exist within its structure.

Ginger’s potential for reducing inflammatory pain is attributed to the root extract’s various functions. It acts as a potent antioxidant, as well as regulating pain producing compounds in much the same way that non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs work.

With an average treatment cost equal to 50 cents per day, our patented and extremely effective headache relief solution, Migraine Escape® offers an Ayurvedic approach to head pain relief.

Migraine Escape® is topically applied to the skin, and by avoiding digestion, enables our patented extract to enter the bloodstream where it works immediately to relieve pain.


A global study revealed that 60% of employed people with severe migraine miss, on average, a week of work per month.

Migraine Escape® is an affordable, safe and effective migraine relief solution. It’s no wonder why this product has become a necessity for so many migraine and headache sufferers.

Your personal application protocol consists of three parts…

Prevent. Resolve. Customise.

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Migraine Escape® is packed with super-strong medicinal compounds that clear out migraine-causing toxins and repair the body’s defences against migraine attacks.

Apply it on a regular basis to reduce the number of migraines you experience – for example, one to two swipes, twice a day.

The results speak for themselves…

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Think of Migraine Escape® as your magic wand.

As soon as you feel your critical prodromal symptom coming on, that’s your signal to take action.

You can resolve a migraine attack by following our 6 Steps Application Protocol at the very first warning sign of an impending migraine.

These steps refer specifically to using Migraine Escape® as an acute migraine treatment i.e. during a migraine event.

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Every person experiences migraine differently. With Migraine Escape®, your migraine quirks are no longer something you have to just “deal with” – they become your unique advantage.

After identifying the unique patterns in your migraines, you can modify the way you use Migraine Escape® accordingly to get better outcomes.

You can find our recommended application methods for Migraine Escape® and other top tips for getting the maximum benefit from the product, here.

Whatever your situation, we are here to help you figure out the most effective application method for you.

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